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Helping to turn good managers into great leaders.


[in-spya] def: To instil in someone the motivation, enthusiasm and courage to do better things and achieve more.

Richard Giles, a Chartered FCIPD, is an experienced learning professional with over 15 years experience working for a major blue chip organisation, and 8 years in leadership roles within a Corporate University environment. He now runs Inspire Coaching Ltd, his own training and coaching consultancy in Bristol, in the UK.

Richard is a Chartered FCIPD, a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and is a Saville & Holdsworth qualified recruiter up to Level 3.

He has experience in leading virtual teams, promoting culture change through embedding Performance Management Processes and through his extensive training design & delivery knowledge is able to provide tailor made solutions to Companies and Individuals.

Richard now uses his considerable experience to work closely with clients who are looking to achieve a shift of attitude or performance in individuals or teams. He delivers training programmes in all areas of management and leadership development including performance management, customer service, communication & presentation skills and feedback & coaching. He is also a strong and creative design consultant with the ability to take a brief, analyse the need and design a high quality interactive training programme.

Key areas of expertise include:

Management and Leadership Development

Design and delivery of bespoke events to address specific team issues.

One to One Coaching

Workshops covering a range of areas from Conflict Management to Planning & Visioning

In addition to one to one business coaching, Richard and his associates offer a wide range of courses and events and operate within an extensive network of tried and trusted training professionals with proven track records.

One of our strongest selling points is that, crucially, we have all been managers and leaders across different organisations and as such we not only understand the theory of management and leadership principles, but also the practicalities of the implementation of those theories. We pride ourselves on highlighting the practical applications throughout the sessions to ensure a greater embedding of the learning on return to the ‘reality’ of the workplace.

One key area of our focus at present is the situation which many new (and experienced) managers find themselves in. They have probably received a significant amount of input into their technical training and as such have found themselves progressing up the promotion ladder within their organisation. Now they find themselves in the position of being ‘people managers’ a by-product of promotion – and not always an easy or welcome or supported one. Inspire understands this and has put together a suite of courses and coaching programmes to tackle this head on – either individually or in group training sessions.

Set out below is a sample of the wide range of topics we cover – this list is not exhaustive – but it will give you an idea of the range of what we offer.

• Management and Leadership

• Performance Management

• Recruitment

• Feedback & Coaching

• Conflict resolution

• Effective Team Management

• Effective meetings

• Influencing strategies

• Communicating & Influencing

• Introduction to Management

• Becoming a leader

• Presentation skills

• Facilitation of events

• Client care

• Career Skills workshops

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